Tired of “And Lehi Dwelt in a Tent” Family Night Lessons? Want to Better Prepare for the Change in the New Youth Curriculum? Get THE BIG PICTURE

In LDS bookstores NOW is our latest book, The BIG PICTURE: 20 Family-Friendly Lessons on God’s Plan for You.  This book is an extension from our WHY? and HOW? books for youth, and is set up as a book to be read by teens. This book is also different in that it has a lesson outline at the end of each chapter that can be used to teach in family home evenings or in other gospel settings. In this way it can be used by parents and other youth teachers. With the upcoming change in youth curriculum beginning January of 2013, this book will be a huge help to both youth and parents/leaders of youth as they study the core doctrines of the gospel. It has awesome content (OK, we admit we’re totally biased!)  The book tackles the entire sweep of the plan of salvation, explaining  doctrines from the pre-mortal life to the fall of Adam and Eve to the second coming, millennium, and resurrection.  Like WHY? and HOW? the content is engaging, understandable, relevant, applicable, and powerful. Here’s a peek at a page on the “Creation of the world” chapter:

And the end-of-chapter lessons are set up great as well.  They are fairly open yet structured, giving you multiple suggested learning activities, discussion questions, quotes, scriptures, and other resources from the chapter to guide in teaching youth.  The chapters and lessons are powerful and impactful, yet can be prepared and studied quickly (isn’t planning the lesson, especially a Family Home Evening lesson, the hardest part?).  Teens can not only study the book and its plan of salvation content, but they can teach from it too.  Here’s a lesson outline, to give you a feel:

We know that true doctrine, understood, has the power to change attitudes and behavior. Our sincere desire is that this book can assist youth and parents/leaders of youth in learning and teaching the vital doctrines that are a part of the plan of salvation.

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3 Responses to “Tired of “And Lehi Dwelt in a Tent” Family Night Lessons? Want to Better Prepare for the Change in the New Youth Curriculum? Get THE BIG PICTURE”

  1. Kate-Elizabeth Romney says:

    This book sounds amazing! I am preparing for a mission and a book like this would give me great perspective on the plan of salvation for me and those I will soon teach!

  2. Rachael says:

    This seems like an incredible book! I am about to put in my mission papers and this would be a great resource for my mission!!

  3. Juli Hooper says:

    I am our branch’s YW president. I would love a resource like this to help with the new curriculum. Not to mention 5 kids of my own that would greatly benefit. I love their How and Why books.

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