What do guys think about modesty?

A Guy’s View on Modesty

One young woman recently said, “I’ve noticed that guys are more likely to pay attention to girls who are dressed immodestly—that sends a totally wrong message to those of us who are dressing modestly.”

Another told us, “You need to tell guys how we girls feel when they pay attention to immodestly dressed girls. When boys do that we start wondering ‘should I wear shorter shorts so boys notice me?’ Sometimes a modestly dressed girl can only think: ‘Am I doing the right thing? What is wrong with me?’ I’ve known girls that have cried because guys paid all the attention to the immodestly dressed girls. Why would a girl cry because of it? Because it took her courage to dress modestly, and then she found out that some boys GO FOR THE IMMODEST GIRLS! We lose all admiration for boys who act like this.”

So what do guys really think about modesty?

Obviously, there are some guys who don’t care about modesty — and young women, you probably don’t want to go for those kind of boys! There are many guys out there (like the ones in the above video) who really appreciate young women who make the effort to dress modestly.

One young man recently said, “It is so much easier to talk to a girl when she is modest. I know that some guys are attracted to immodest girls, but they aren’t the kind of guys you want to be with anyways. Just like girls aren’t impressed with guys who try to show off, we aren’t impressed with immodest girls.”

Young women — it’s worth the wait to attract the guy who values and appreciates modesty. He will be more likely to value and reverence your womanhood.

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2 Responses to “What do guys think about modesty?”

  1. Baxter says:

    I have gone on a date with a girl that dressed semi modestly, and another girl that dressed completely modestly. The better date I went on was with the girl that dressed modestly. Modesty is so important for the Young Men and really makes the difference! What is really important on a date is that there is a lot of communication. I once went on a date that she really seemed interested with everything about me and told me a lot about her making a fun atmosphere! That is by far my favorite date and she was dressed completely modest. Don’t stoop down to a level to attract guys that like the immodest dress. If you stay modest, every guy may not be falling all over you, but the right guys will. Ignore the media and ignore the peer pressure around you, stay modest! As every one says, modest is the hottest :)

  2. CJF says:

    When guys pay attention to immodest girls, what has to be understood is that it’s not in a good way. I LOVE it when girls dress modestly. It tells me: Now there’s a girl who I’d like, even if it doesn’t show on a guy’s face. People who actually choose to date them are the wrong kind of boys. When someone pays attention to an immodest girl, it’s not a good feeling. It’s actually really terrible. Please don’t drop modesty standards. You said that it feels like guys pay more attention to immodest girls yes? Well, while that’s true, that attention means they have completely forgotten that you have a brain, and are a person. We are already struggling enough. All that immodesty does is make things harder. I know this one girl who is amazing and always keeps standards. I wish every girl could be like her. It’s distracting when girls wear low-cut shirts, even if they are wearing an undershirt! For some reason, even if I can’t see anything, it sends me the message that they are trying as hard as they can to be immodest. Really, dress modestly. PLEASE! Remember what I just said about how it may look like immodest girls have it better off. It’s not that way at all .

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